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Frequently Asked Questions About Tattoo Supply

What is your Privacy Policy?

At Technical Tattoo Supply, we respect your privacy! We will never sell, disclose, or lend any of your personal information to anyone else - any information you give to TTS is protected and used ONLY by TTS. Technical Tattoo Supply does not disclose any personal information collected on our site, browser information, or e-mail lists. Technical Tattoo Supply analyzes the behavior of our customers on our website in order to prove your experience. This tracking does not identify individuals personally - only your behavior. We make no attempt to link this information with any individuals that browse the site.


What is your Return Policy?

We at Technical Tattoo Supply want you to be satisfied with your order. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the products or their quality, we will allow you to return all unused products for a store credit or refund. Please see below for specifics and restrictions.


Do not return items without notifying us for a RMA number. Items can only be returned with a valid RMA number (return mail authorization). There are NO returns on INK, FLASH, BOOKS, DVDS or LIQUIDS. Needles and tubes MUST be UNOPENED and in the ORIGINAL PACKAGING.

How do I place an Order?



Feel free to browse our extensive online catalog of quality tattoo supplies and tattoo machines! Technical Tattoo Supply has the best selection of tattoo inks in the world! After you've chosen your new items, order through our secure transaction server! It's easy! After adding items to your shopping cart, you may view them at any time by clicking "View Cart". When you're ready to check out, click "Check Out" to process your transaction! If you don't have an account with Technical Tattoo Supply, feel free to create one yourself at any time. Setting up your account is simple - all that Technical Tattoo Supply requires is the information needed to process your brand-new tattoo equipment order! Don't worry if you forget your account number or password - use the e-mail address on your account instead, and your password can be automatically e-mailed to you!

By mail:


All transactions are made payable to: Technical International Supply. You may send your tatto supply orders to PO Box 1102, West Babylon, NY 11704 USA. All orders must include your area code and phone number. International orders must also include your country code for dialing from the United States. Please also include a fax number and/or an e-mail address, if you have them. All personal checks must clear from the bank before we ship your order - usually two to three days. All orders paid for with money orders will be shipped upon receipt - they must be in American dollars and draw from an American bank.

By e-mail:


Indicate your items via e-mail and send to info@technicaltattoosupply.com. Please be sure to include name, address, phone numbers, and all relevant payment information.


Technical Tattoo Supply offers discounts and special rates on large orders. If you are planning on placing a large bulk order of any of our products, please e-mail us at info@technicaltattoosupply.com or call us at 1-800-295-8991 or 631-752-3622 for details!

How will you ship my order?



-All orders received before 2:00pm EST, Monday - Friday are shipped the same day! We know you want your order as quickly as possible, and we at Technical Tattoo Supply work hard to have the fastest turnaround rates online! Orders received after 2:00pm EST will be shipped on the following business day.

-All orders are shipped via FedEx, UPS, or USPS. Ground, three day, two day, and overnight shipping are all available.

-Shipping rates are exact rates determined by the weight of your order and zone of shipping. If you have any special shipping requirements, we will make arrangements with FedEx and most other shippers, as well as the USPS.



If you order with the USPS, we unfortunately cannot offer same day/next day service. The USPS picks up outgoing orders twice a week, which could delay your order two to three additional days. If it is important to get orders filled right away, please choose an expedited method of shipping. Currently, air shipments are being filled within 24 hours.

Free Tri-State Area Delivery Service:


-If you live in NJ, NY, CT, Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas, Technical Tattoo Supply offers free delivery service so you can get your tattoo supplies that much faster! Set up a weekly visit with one of our fully stocked tattoo supply trucks with no service charge - pre-order or purchase right from our truck! Call 1-800-295-8991 for details.

What forms of payment can I use to pay?


Cash on Delivery. Someone must be present during delivery, with a money order totaling the full amount of the order + $8 for the COD fee. This is offered in the USA only.
Wire Transfer:

The perfect option for international ordering. Just wire the money to the information supplied after you place your order. Include your order number on the wire transfer and we will ship your order upon receipt. Wire Transfers can be done online if you have online banking available.

A payment by check will be sent only after it is received and clears (usually 3 days after deposit).

: You must have a verified/confirmed account for us to accept payment. If we receive a payment from an unverified or unconfirmed account, we will credit it back to you and cancel the order. We do this to protect against fraud.

What about Military Orders/Shipping?

Because we can only send orders to addresses that are on file with the credit card used, there are two options for shipping our tattoo equipment and medical supplies to the military.

1) You can get your credit card company to list your APO/FPO/etc on your account so you are able to place orders with us

2) You can have your order shipped to your home location and forwarded onto you.

We apologize for this inconvenience and Technical Tattoo Supply offers a military discount to all those who e-mail us from a military e-mail address.

My shipping and billing adress are different, can I still place an order?
In order to protect our valued customers and ourselves from fraud, we do not allow the ship to/bill to addresses to be different when ordering with a credit card. When ordering with your credit card, your billing address must precisely match the "billing address" your credit card company has on file. This address is usually the same address your bank sends your credit card bills to. If this billing address was not verified, we will contact you and ask that you re-order with the correct address. You can also contact your bank to add an address to your account if you want to send it to another location, then reorder.If you need an order shipped somewhere other than your billing address, please select another payment option (COD, Wire Transfer, Check, etc.).
Does Technical Tattoo Supply ship Internationally?
Most international orders should be sent via wire transfer. Usually credit card orders made by international customers have problems with address verification. Wire transfers can be done with your online banking or sent directly from your bank. Select "FEDEX" when ordering outside of North America for an accurate shipping total.
When ordering Internationally, what are the duties/taxes?

Any additional taxes and duties are based on your individual country's self-determined tax and duty rates. These fees are due at the time of delivery and are not charged by TTS. We recommend that you check the rates for your country before you place your order.

Help! I got an error while I was shopping!
Damn internet! This is rare, but if it happens, try and "refresh" the screen. If this does not work, go back to the home page and try clicking "checkout" again. This usually does not clear your shopping cart.
How do I add to my wish list?
Next to every item in the cart is a little gift/present icon. Clicking that will add that item to your personalized wish list. You can only add items to your wish list if you are registered. See above for registering or click "Member Login" at the top of the screen for registration.
How do I delete items from my cart?
Simply click the little red X next to each item you wish to delete. The shopping cart will automatically update itself.
How do I register/log in?
After clicking on any link with the word "shopping" in it, you will find a login tab almost everywhere. You can login or register if you have never ordered through Technical Tattoo Supply before.
Do you guys have any sample forms I can download?
We not only offer sample forms, we also offer free font packs, free flash, and much more. We have an entire page dedicated to this. Click here to check it out!
What's with the how to page... Do you really wanna teach people this stuff?
The tutorial page is not a place to learn how to tattoo and replace an apprenticeship. It is simply a page that you can pick up some extra pointers and improve your talent. Trust us when we say that our intentions are not to teach 15 year old kids how to tattoo out of their basement. Our intentions are to improve the quality of the tattoo community as a whole by educating artists by artists. You can even contribute to this page by making your own tutorial video and sending it to us. In return we will send you a free tts tattoo machine or equal or lesser piercing goods. Read more about it here..