Carlo (Technical Tattoo Supply & Multiple Tattoo Shop Owner) says "Change is due! The US and global economy has taken a beating. Every industry needs to modify internal practice in order to grow." Carlo said he will start from the ground up if he has to, but carloTechnical Tattoo Supply will continue to be the world's LARGEST and BEST supplier of tattoo and piercing supplies. "Me and my partner Lou work around the clock to satisfy our customers needs" says Carlo. "Customer support, quality assurance, and rock bottom pricing is now our main goal for 2011. The staff at Technical needs to know this and live by it."


Carlo Starts with upper management. He is proud of the hard work and diligence that TTS employees already have but Carlo also knows there is always room for improvement. This month Carlo and Lou hired Al (former Dermagraphics manager) to shake up Technical Tattoo supply and keep employees on their toes!.


Meet AL :: TTS GM


Al Rosetti (pictured left) is now the General Manager of Technical Tattoo Supply. He was formerly the GM of well known tattoo BIG ALsupplier "Dermagraphics". Al says his transition from Dermagraphics to TTS was a welcomed change to a bigger and more globally operated supplier. Dermagrphics was a decent company, but will never have the industry presence, manufacturing ability, and warehouse stock that TTS has. "I want to perfect what is almost perfect. I know my leadership talent and 30 years of experience will not go to waste with a company like TTS. They are open for suggestions and willing to do what it takes to stay on top." He says, "It's about the Customer! It is now my business to make sure each customer gets what they order, when they order, and are satisfied with their order." Al mentions it should always be a friendly conversation with the customer to make sure their specific needs are met. Al plans to improve warehouse organization, phone support, customer feedback, shipping procedure, and much more.

He has already brought his USA made, beeswax sealed, tattoo needles into production. TTS will be the exclusive beeswax sealed needle manufacturer. We will immediately be selling these high quality needles which will add yet 1 more product option to the hundreds we already sell.

Convention center presence is top priority for Al this year. We will attend all conventions and are there to listen to what the customer has to say, following up with the best prices for what they need.