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Skin Art #180

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Skin Art Issue 180 is full of artist interviews, awesome art features, tattooed models, tons of designs and so much more! You will find the stunning ASHLEY MATA gracing our cover and inside pages & showing off her tattoo collection with exclusive photography by CARRIE HAMPTON! Also inside, you will find feature articles and exclusive artist interviews with the likes of tattooing legend FREDDY NEGRETE, JEAN MAUREZ, MARIE THIRTEEN, DRUCIF BARTH, DUSTIN DELONG, DAVE LAO, BECKY SALTER, PASHA ET & MATT HILDERBRAND! Issue 180 also features our staple column “Heidi’s Infinite Universe” – where the lovely HEIDI LAVON interviews beautiful Canadian alternative tattoo model & collector RAVEN RAITH! This issue also includes a special column called MUSIC INK where we talk to musicians and find out about the stories behind their tattoos. In this column, we interview musician JASON BROWN from the band CYCOTIC YOUTH! Our very own DAN LORENZO & THE TATTOO JOURNALIST contribute articles and interviews to this issue as well! Skin Art 180 has a little something for every tattoo artist & collector!

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